Sunday, May 24, 2009

Obama Blames 7 Straw Men for Being Out of Money' (Story from Digg/American Thinker)

President Obama is blaming everyone else, but himself, for his failed policies.

How many Presidents have spent as much time and effort as President Obama does trying to convince everyone the buck stops everywhere except with him?

He is basically saying, he personally tripled the deficit with his policies, but somehow that isn't his fault. He is saying that by adding the HUGE costs and deficits that will occur to our economy with nationalized healthcare, everything will be fine.

Since Obama has been President, unemployment is soaring, businesses are closing (either by force of the government or economic reasons), property values have plummeted, asset values have plummeted, pensions have plummeted, deficit is tripled, dollar has plummeted, stock market has plummeted...etc...

We are getting to see that the left is totally clueless about economic policies. We are also seeing that the left thinks we are too stupid to see the truth about how destructive they are to the USA. They must think we are too dumb to see they are robbing each of us of our future, while they pretend to be saving it!

The absolute vacancy and failure of Obama's policy is staring him right in the face. It couldn't be more clear! Yet President Obama points fingers elsewhere and says he wants to institute even more failed and inane policies as a solution to the carnage he is causing.

President Obama is reducing our economy into a pile of rubble, and he wants to ignite the next round of dynamite to solve the problem!

We need to put a stop to this liquidation of America's economy and assets.

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  1. I have little doubt that Obama is a socialist, not a socialist cut from the European mold, but rather a more extreme cut from the Mugabe, Zimbawee mold. This guy is a true extremist with a foreign idealogy. One that most Americans are unaware of, but one that many are finally seeing.

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